Graphic designer in lebanon for social causes

I have updated my portfolio on The Creative Finder.


That’s what i call an awesome team creation

I njoyed watching these artists and especially i got very impressed with the teamwork skills. Awesome mix of musical tasks.

L’union fait la force



Talking Odours

There are several online marketing promotion strategies. You need to find the combination that brings the amount of pre-targeted traffic to your website in order to make sales.

The big online marketing promotion strategies that I’m going to cover in this article include pay per click, search engine optimization, and article marketing.

Pay per click will give you the quickest bang for your buck. You will be able to evaluate your success immediately when you use PPC. Unfortunately, this means putting some of your money on the line. Google’s Adwords program does not require you to pay for up to a month, but if you don’t make the money back immediately, you will be in debt.

When you do pay per click marketing as a form of online marketing promotion, you write a short ad (usually 90-125 characters) that appears alongside the search results on Google, Yahoo, or MSN. Your…

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Advertising can ruin nations or evolve nations…advertising for politicians should be banned from existence and leave space for some personal (and not mediatic) analysing and thinking in the mind of the citizen. Take your time, think and njoy your next voting. Thank you for this article 🙂

raising awareness for the Lebanese Red Cross

Ateam of Lebanese mountaineers, with diverse professional backgrounds and a common goal: to be the first ALL-LEBANESE team to climb the 7 summits and raise the Lebanese flag on top of the world.

While achieving this goal, one summit at a time, they want to raise awareness around the Lebanese Red Cross and help rally hearts & minds and fundraise to support the community. To this effect they have signed an agreement with the Lebanese Red Cross making them their official Charity Partner throughout this journey.